Friday, March 4, 2011

Studio Workstation Desk For Laptop

9. / 10 April 2011: Unforgettable days at Renault - R4 R4

9./10.4 weekend. as part of a publicity campaign with the theme of Renault dealers "Unforgettable days at Renault" is celebrates 50th anniversary of the celebrated while the Renault 4. It will be raffled throughout Germany four perfectly restored R4 models.

What Are The Side Effects Of Vemma

OotD - AMU

Hello my friends,
after a long time there's this time again and my OotD AMU. All
simple indeed right, but I will tell you this not withheld .. :-)

Granted by the AMU You do not see much.
The shirt is the way, H & M and the over-the-knee socks from Primark.
The only part of what I have to keep my order. (The shirt!) The rest will come away again.
am appalled really, nothing has fit sensibly so full of disappointments. . (

must now also see that I make myself ready
The GR is pending .. and yes, I'm looking forward to animal, because Get out there tomorrow, announced SHOP! YIHA! \u0026lt;3

A wonderful weekend to you, lovelies. :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Your Cervix Hard Soft Before Your Period

Carnival - leolook

Hello my friends, I hope you feel great! Today I have a "last-minute Carnival look for you prepared for those who still have no idea, and just as leopard-pattern-crazy as I am. :)
Those who follow me a little longer to know that I'm pretty on leopard print and bezitze pretty much every garment with leo. ^ ^
Well, before I continue rumlaber great, here now my Leoparden-AMU/Outfit/Look:

So, I hope you like it. ^ ^ The second last image I find something funny .. : D
So, before you ask, how does that work - VERY easy! The
leo you paint simply with a black eyeliner, so to speak Sun circles, but that should look very uneven. Then you should complete these with a brown / gold eyeshadow. It would be great if you have a metallic eyeliner, which you can fill the " circles. So I've also done, and I find the effect quite cool. :) Finally
then the complete model with a golden eye shadow edge slightly. Done.
beautiful eyelashes black mascara and follow the waterline with black eyeliner. Oh, and the "Catline" Do not forget, very important. This provides even for the "Leo effect" .. ^ ^

who is also in Leo-look make-up, only her with your pictures, I'm curious. :)